Can I switch from Dedicated Servers to Cloud Hosting

Yes, if you currently have a Dedicated server with CPanel, Switching over to a Cloud is recommended. The Cloud Hosting enviroment
is just like having a private Dedicated machine.

Some of the Benefits to think about:

Starting a Business using Cloud has ability to allow growth VS Dedicated server.Dedicated servers if you grow your business, and run out of Disk Space, or load issues, you may need to get another machine, move all the clients and this can be a major hassle.With Cloud Hosting, the environment is just like Dedicated server but its Virtualized, so CPU, RAM and Disk space can be added as you need.This means you do not have to move 400 accounts to a new machine and deal with possible downtime.

Cloud Hosting can fit your budget, starting off what you need, and grow, change the specs as you need to. Dedicated Server you cannot do this in most cases.

Stability, Reliability is very important for hosting, Cloud hosting offers much more confidence, compared to standalone servers.

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