Server is down, what do I do ?

If your server is down, the 1st thing is to login to the client area.

Did you pay your invoice ?  if invoices are paid, next

can you ping the server ?    using the IP address of your server is suggested, if you get a reply from IP address, next

if you do NOT get a reply from IP address,  OPEN ticket and ask for reboot request,  monitor your ticket for tech

reply, normally they will tell you the server is back up, or if there is an issue.


If the server is rebooted successfully, and the website is still down, USE IP address to connect to your control panel or SSH to

server.  Check to make sure DNS server is operational.   Is your domain expired ?

If domain registration shows paid, and other domains work or fail, but you can connect via IP,  OPEN ticket and Ezzi Staff

will assist with solving the issues.





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