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Experience the reliability and flexibility of's dedicated servers. Our range of dedicated servers offer something for every budget and for all requirements.


Affordable yet efficient servers.

Ideal for individuals, small businesses, and web-site hosting companies.


High Performance servers offering the ideal balance of value for money.

Perfect for customers looking for performance and high-bandwidth.


Powerful servers.

Best-suited for medium to large-sized organizations seeking high speed and efficiency.

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Dedicated Servers, Linux Dedicated Servers, Windows Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Servers specializes in providing reliable and affordable hosting services. Founded in 1996, over the years the company has built a strong reputation based on offering great service and "value for money", a fact that has helped become the # 1 choice for companies and resellers seeking great hosting services at affordable prices. is proud to offer products and services that are designed with a customer-centric approach. Our products cater to the computing needs of customers ranging from individuals to large organizations. Each product is backed by world-class support services. Whether your requirement is a Virtual Private Server, a traditional dedicated server, or a fully configurable and scalable cloud environment, has the solution which meets your specifications.

Experience the scalability and performance of EZZI Cloud, the latest addition to the company's product portfolio that has gained immense popularity among hosting customers because of its redundancy, affordability and state-of-the-art technology.

There is no better testimony to our reputation than the fact that some of the largest Fortune 500 Companies have selected for their computing infrastructure and associated services.

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