How can I mount a local ISO using vSphere?

Before you can mount a local ISO using vSphere, you need to download the appropriate ISO file from the developer/provider web site. Once you have done so, you can locally mount the ISO to a remote VMware server:

  • Log into your server using vSphere


  • Right-click on the VM in the left navigation pane and click on Edit Settings.


  • In the Virtual Machine Properties window, click on CD/DVD Drive 1. In the right of the window, there will be a Device Type section. Select Client Device and clik OK to save the changes. 


  • Before you can mount the ISO, the VM needs to be started. You can do so by right-clicking on the VM and selecting power -> Power On.


  • In the top menu, click on the CD-ROM icon and select CD/DVD Drive 1 -> Connect to ISO image on local disk. 



Your disk will now be mounted and available for use by the virtual machine.

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